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Construction Capabilities

Affiliated Construction Operations

Edgewood Development is a member of an affiliated group of vertically integrated real estate development and construction operations. Edgewood controls the process from site selection, acquisition and design through local and regional permitting. Once approvals are obtained, Willow Creek Builders, LLC takes over and builds the projects. Quality of design and construction, as well as efficiency and control, are assured as the entire team is involved in all points of the development process.

General Contracting

Willow Creek Builders, LLC is fully staffed and equipped to manage the installation of all project sitework, utilities, and road infrastructure, and is positioned with long standing supplier and subcontractor relationships to construct single family residential homes, commercial and retail buildings, and multi-family apartment buildings. Willow Creek has earned a reputation of consistently providing high-quality work on time and on budget. The ability to smoothly transition from permitting to construction provides a unique competitive advantage setting us apart from our competition.

Road Work & Utilities

Willow Creek routinely employs its affiliated construction operation, Lorusso Corporation, to install project infrastructure, utilities, and roadways. Lorusso Corporation's affiliated operations include roadway and infrastructure construction, asphalt production, paving, mining, crushed stone and related materials production, and the distribution of landscape and building materials. Lorusso provides commercial building pad site preparation, water & sewer line installations, subdivision roadway construction, and stormwater management systems installation.