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The Edgewood Development Company is pleased to be working with the Town of Bridgewater and owners of the Henry Perkins Foundry on Broad Street in Bridgewater, Massachusetts to redevelop the 173-year old foundry site into a mixed residential and commercial development.

The proposal is to create thousands of feet of state-of-the-art new commercial, retail and restaurant space alongside beautiful well-appointed one-and two-bedroom market-rate apartments, open space and resident amenities all within walking distance to Bridgewater's up-and-coming downtown and to public transportation.

The project would have a low impact on town services, increase tax revenue by over $450,000 annually and would provide an opportunity for the transition of an environmentally sensitive industrial site into a modern residential and commercial center.

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Plans and presentation materials will be posted below as the project permitting progresses:

1. CLICK HERE to see the slides presented at the May 5, 2021 Planning Board Meeting.

2. CLICK HERE to the the slides presented at the July 13, 2021 Town Council Meeting.