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Lakeside Property Management

Once a rental project has obtained its certificate of occupancy, the project is turned over to its affiliated property management company, Lakeside Management Corp. The ability to manage its own properties gives Edgewood another competitive advantage, as well as a clear understanding of the occupant and management design needs of an efficiently run rental property.

Lakeside Management Corp was founded in 1998 to provide property owners, associations, and rental developments professional real estate finance, banking, management, accounting, tax compliance, and financial reporting services. Lakeside provides high quality property management services with an emphasis on personal attention and proactive management. Our goal is to provide the most efficient allocation of resources to support the needs of each property and to be responsive and available to the needs of each commercial and residential tenant.

Lakeside’s services include:

  • Commercial and Residential Leasing
  • Facilities Maintenance Services
  • Property Insurance Management
  • Affordable Housing Management and Certification
  • Financing and Banking Services
  • Construction Management Services
  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting
  • Tax Compliance